Frisbee Forever 2

The world of Frisbee Forever 2 requires the players to show some fly and dive trick with the virtual frisbee, a whole new experience for the kids in the era of quarantine and social distance. This is the second version of the must-try arcade game with the same name from the collection of Gogy 2020. However, the players can look forward to more challenges and new layout throughout the game. The number of worlds to explore has increased to 3, while the total number of frisbees in this game will be 60.

Each stage comes with its requirement and missions that you have to finish to move onto the next one. This game will let the players enjoy the feel of controlling a glider, frisbee, or plane and experience the thrill of flying over the edge of an erupting volcano. If you prefer the city sceneries, opt for a ride along the frame of the European cities and the countryside in the previous version will satisfy your requirements.

Control your frisbee and try to get through as many rings as possible. Try to gather the golden stars that show up randomly on air to increase your total scores at the final stage. Keep in mind that the most important thing to keep you going in this game at is the safe and stable frisbee. Will you be able to fulfill all the requirements and keep on progressing in this game of arcade online?

One hit or collision into the obstacles such as the fans, magnets, spikes, spinning saws, explosives, and your frisbee will fall. If the stars are hard to gather, don't try too hard. Have fun with more arcade games that are equally fun like Halloween Puzzle Game or Gleeful Guinea Pig Escape from our website as well! 

Instruction to play:

Control the movement of the frisbee using the mouse.