One Line Draw

Test your ability to deal with this combination of puzzle games and drawing games with the name of One Line Draw - exclusively created for the kids here at Gogy land! Bring your creativity to figure out the best method for solving these problems related to the cat. The main character of this game is your adorable cat who is in dire need of extending his body to fill all the available blank space.

Do your best to draw one stroke from the beginning of the cat's body to the end to extend the length and fill up the space. Within the scope of each level, you will need to observe the available blocks to find out a suitable route for movement. Different layouts or different level setups will require different tactics and strategies for drawing, especially if you want to clear the blocks with one stroke only.

Explore this fun game from alongside the adorable animal friends and enjoy the best visual experience with a challenging arcade game. Unlock the higher levels with a bunch of different challenges and mini-tasks to demonstrate your talent when it comes to harder and harder quests. Not only will you need to consider the positionings of the blocks but the line that you are drawing also needs to be accurately flowing through certain parts.

Don't miss out on any blocks or else your cat's body will not be able to reach the maximum length! Adjust the line properly and timely to conquer the top record with the furthest levels done in this game now! Other equally interesting arcade games with a slight difference in themes such as Nine Blocks: Block Puzzle Game will also be fun for you to play, so check them out later!

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse cursor to draw.