Yukon Solitaire

The objective of Yukon Solitaire is simply to move all the cards to the foundation, but the real gameplay is not that easy. The rules of this Gogy game 2020 is a little bit complex for the newcomers. However, it offers an intense and good game for advanced card players. A total of 52 cards will be divided so that they form 7 piles that are stacked on the game screen.

You can only see the top cards on each pile that is face-up. After you make some moves, 4 additional cards will be dealt face-up to help you discover more moves. Regardless of the sequence, your job is to move the cards on each pile depending on their ranks and their colors. Keep in mind that the top cards don't matter and don't have to be moved, so focus on choosing the position for the other face-up cards.

Only a King can be placed in a blank tableau column that is newly cleared. The autoplay choice is probably the most unique point of this online game for free. You can learn the tips and tricks as well as the tutorial on how to ace this game by watching the autoplay option. There are two choices you can pick: the obvious moves and the never option.

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Instruction to play:

Click and choose the cards using the mouse cursor.