Minewar Soldiers Vs Zombies

Minewar Soldiers Vs Zombies is the next generation of the pixelated game that comes with a lot of strategy and technique to win all the battles. If you are brave enough to go head to head with the scary zombies, go and participate in this intense Gogy online game! It's a wrap-up of the best features for an entertaining game filled with epic battles, exclusively made for you and your friend.

The commander of the game will play the role of rotating the shift, choosing the one to place, as well as arming the army to hit the zombies. There are three lanes on the map that the zombies might take, which means that the players need to use the best strategy and tactics to protect all three. These hungry zombies are very aggressive, come with a big number, and are ready to invade your world.

Always keep the guard up to keep your base safe from their attack waves! Different types of soldiers have different distinctive skills, so placing them at the right place will help them to maximize the damage range and defeat the zombies faster. Another crucial point to do in this game is to keep collecting coins and diamonds that are left behind when you successfully defeat a zombie.

Use those gained resources to make sure that you can replenish the army and recruit more soldiers. The goal of this game is to overcome the increasingly difficult levels with no mistake! How long can you keep up your base in this game at https://gogy.games/? Don't forget that you can freely pick from the long list of games such as Squid Craft Online to add to your basket later. 

Instruction to play:

Choose and place the soldiers using the left mouse or using the touchpad.