Casual game players will be thrilled to enjoy this game of Woodoku - the new gaming selection added to the list of Gogy free games online  with the theme of the puzzle, jigsaws, and quizzes. Like the classic gameplay of Tetris, this one has some resemblances to it, but you can look forward to more unique features and updated twists.

The goal remains unchanged, which is to put all the pieces into this huge box or board with blank space. As you are filling them, make sure that you line them up in the order of horizon or vertical to remove them off the board. Once a line of the horizon or vertical block is filled, that line will be automatically removed off the board to make space for other new blocks to be filled.

As it takes quite some time to clear them all out. Let's test your patience, carefulness, and endurance when it comes to dealing with plenty of pieces like this game from https://gogy.games/. Make sure that there is enough space for new material to be filled later as you can never know how many will pop up in the next round of the game. Would you like to tackle all three different modes of games in this one?

Each has a different requirement to win and a different theme, so don't use similar tactics and make sure to spice things up a bit. Go on with new adventures, action-based games and other genres in the newly added gaming selections such as Ancient Memory! All of them shall be free and available with the touch of your mouse, so go ahead and have a blast with Gogy 2021!


Instruction to play:

How to play: Click and drag the mouse to move the blocks and fill the space.