Bread Pit

Bread Pit is a funny little game with tons of adorable items and characters and a vibrant color setting that will boost up your mood for sure! Take this chance to try out the game at Gogy game online 2020 and let's see how many times you can successfully help the bread to become a golden crispy piece. The goal is to help a piece of bread overcome the path and reach the toaster. Depending on the difficulty of each level, the toaster will be placed near the bread piece or very far away.

Of course, you can look out for many obstacles placing along the way that the bread will take. Don't get stuck in the hole, bowl, or get pierced through by forks and knives. Whether the bread can become a golden crispy toast depends on your skills. Dodge the spikes that are poked out of their places and pose danger to your bread as it moves. Also, pay attention to the cheese pieces that show up randomly. The mechanism of this game calculates your final records based on how many cheese pieces you can collect and how much time you used.

Don't worry if you fail because this game from allows you to retake the level again and again until you can overcome it! This challenging game will improve your techniques by moving and coming up with different innovative paths to win smartly. Don't go the long way, go the smart way instead and interact with items to open up new doors! Yellow and orange are the two main colors of this game, so it's very colorful and vibrant to attract the kids.

With more equally cool games like The Hours, your playtime with friends and family will no doubt filled with laughter and funny moments! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the items to interact.