Element Evolution

Element Evolution will bring one of the trendiest games in the collection of simulation and idle gameplay for kids of all ages who are enjoying the games from Gogy 2021! Not only is this an elaborate farm simulation game with lots of functions, items, characters, and new progress but it also brings out the hidden talented farming techniques of players. The goal is to keep collecting more and more resources on your farm. How can you achieve this goal within the range of this game?

By using the seeds purchased from the store, you can start growing your crops using the given land. More crops allow you to sell for more gold and higher prices in the town store. The rule of the game is to keep expanding your farm to achieve the goal of getting a farm with the biggest scale and lots of fruitful crops! Moreover, use the gained coins to purchase new plant varieties as well as new seed types to own the most bizarre species.

Agricultural works get a lot more interesting thanks to this new gameplay from Gogy online! You can freely move your pieces of land, change the seeds, collect the crop once it grows fully, then sells them to the store for more resources. The best players will be able to plan out the whole progress for the farm and keep purchasing the biggest factory for more expansion! It has the famous idle game genre with bright and vibrant graphics and step-by-step tutorials to keep the game engaged with newbies. Don't worry if you haven't gotten any experience in farming or cultivation.

Just participate in the work and you will get them all figured out quickly! We have plenty of other diverse options with different genres and interesting storylines for you to play such as Forest Brothers from http://gogy.games/.

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse cursor or tap on the screen to cultivate the crop.