Mini Jumps

Mini Jumps taps on the technique of estimation, calculation with a limit on moving steps. It'll no doubt attract tons of kids from all around the world to our Gogy 2022 game list! You can control the main character of this little orange blob in the journey to find the best way to reach the flower.

However, this blob can only jump up and stay in one place. The best it can do is to double jump and make him jump higher, however, there are some limits on how high he can tap. On each challenge among the total of 9 levels, you will get to challenge a different layout for the map. Either there will be more blocks or there will be more dangers waiting for you as you proceed to the higher levels.

A tip for the newbie is to get used to the mechanism of the moving platform so that you can take advantage of them better. The flowers might be hidden after some barriers, or displayed in plain sight. Whatever the situation, you will still need to get them as fast as possible without touching the spikes or falling out of the edge.

In the few first easy levels, you only need to jump and that's all it takes to move on to the next stage! Discover the unique layout of the remaining realms in this game at and show the world how you can overcome the obstacles with the least moves! Do you know that we have a variety of categories with more than just one new addition per day such as Cheat Death, all with no cost added?

Instruction to play:

Use the X key, spacebar, or left button to make the character jump.

Double click to double jump.