Ben 10 Jumping Challenge

With the power of Ben 10, tackle the new Gogy new game: Ben 10 Jumping Challenge! Can you use the power wisely to jump up all the way to the highest blocks? This is an arcade game with a simple rule so that kids of all ages can try it out. Your job will include choosing the perfect timing to jump as high as possible on the chains of blocks. Three random items which are airplanes, helicopters, and coins will pop up without notice on the screen.

You need to aim and choose the space where there is no airplanes or helicopters. Since there are many obstacles, avoiding all of them will require your focus and precision with the best controlling skills. Under the pressure of being surrounded by so many planes, the players should take a moment to think wisely.

If you manage to jump on many coins consecutively, you will get boost and points for the combos that you made. The screen is placed vertically and is narrowed, so do your best to hop from one side to another while dodging the deadly planes. The other players have left their marks of high scores at Can you break these records?

Only by collecting the coins can you bring home the best record possible! Don't forget that we allow you to experience other games like My Slime Mixer and Sausage Flip for free as well! The adventure with Ben 10 is available on both PC and mobile, so you can play it anywhere, anytime! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse, tap or tilt the mobile to play.