Egg Helix

In Egg Helix, we will test your reflex with a newly developed 3D graphics and coolest gameplay ever! You will control the main axis with lots of baskets attached to it. As the baskets are fixed in different places, once the axis rotates, they will move accordingly. Your mission is to rotate in a way so that the jumping eggs can fall directly into the baskets without fail. Prevent the eggs from falling to the bottom by all means because if you fail, the eggs will be broken and you will lose tons of scores.

To do well in this type of reflex and interactive game, you need to get used to the movement of the axis first. Then, once the eggs start moving up and down at a racket, it's your time to quickly move the pole. The racquets are placed corresponding to the location of the ball to make it easier for new players. However, it will be a little tricky to prevent the eggs from sliding down.

The best players will be able to come up with a strategy that controls both the cylinder and the egg. Another thing to keep in mind while playing this new game from the collection of is that the eggs will fall as soon as they pop up, which means that you have to be quick. Once you miss the turn, there is no going back. Learn how to gently spin the pole and quickly change the direction when needed in this game right now!

Let's see how high you can push the egg. Other gaming selections such as Word Holiday and Tangram Puzzle will also boost up your mood in the season, so check them out later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to spin the cylinder and to bounce the eggs.