Canoniac Launcher

Canoniac Launcher has special gameplay of shooting objects, but this time, you will not aim to hit or gather anything. There's no limitation on how far you can shoot your robot in this Gogy kid game. It all depends on how many boosters, upgrades, and great shooting skills you have. The goal of this object-throwing game is to reach the furthest distance you can use the existed resources.

There will be a few options that you can use as the first momentum for your characters such as the cannons, shooting tanks, weapons, alongside the boosters to keep your robot on-air longer such as the explosives, weapons, and bombs. By finishing a turn, you can earn money and use it for more purchases. These purchases will be incredibly helpful for the next stage, so don't miss them out at the store at!

The money that you earn is calculated based on the air time, the distance, height that you reached, speed, and a bit of bonus. There will be chances for the robots to bounce up and get a tiny more boost while being on the platform thanks to the objects that are scattered here and there.

However, steer clear of the claw as it will grab the robot and make the game end immediately with no more room for gathering scores. Learn the tips and tricks on how to utilize each purchased equipment so that you can demonstrate the most intense fly for this robot! Would you like to enjoy some other fun games like Bird In Danger where your advanced skills are on full display?

Instruction to play:

Click and hold down the left button to charge.

Move the mouse cursor to choose the direction, release to shoot.