Letters Parts

Letters Parts is one of the new educational games from Gogy land with a lovely theme so that little kids can enjoy the learning sessions a little more! Not only will they learn different letters from the alphabet without any order but they need to memorize the shapes as well. In order to find the correct missing piece to complete the letter on each stage, kids need to recall the letters that they learned and choose well.

Such a game will be an evolutionary way to help kids remember the alphabet in a fun way and without any stress! This game is available on all devices, whether it's your phone, tablet, or computer to make sure that the learning session can continue anywhere without any interruption! On each question, three answer options will appear on the below lines. Since these three options are only slightly different, you will need to observe and deduct.

The goal is to guess which parts to fill in. If you manage to choose the right one, the game can continue with the next level- usually tougher to crack and with a different letter. One by one, we hope that the kids can slowly go through all the characters and learn the alphabet by heart. Moreover, this game comes with the most colorful and bubbly patterned design to capture your attention!

For more similar kid games, check out our daily-updated setlist at http://gogy.games/ and find other cool new games like Brick Surfer. Don't worry if you take some time to think and choose at first, just keep practicing and you will master it in no time! Will you master and create combos by answering correctly all of them? How to match the letter: 

Instruction to play:

Click on the missing piece to choose and put it in the original letter.