Solitaire 15in1 Collection

Solitaire 15in1 Collection calls for more than one way of playing Solitaire, so be prepared and get through each with your method! In this Gogy 2023 game, the mini-games of Freecell and Klondike are the basics and they will be available right at the beginning for you! Once you have mastered them, learn how to ace others and start diving deep into the world of Solitaire!

Here in our Gogy latest game with a cool combo, you will get a 15-in-1 experience like never before. Not only is this released recently but it's also a game that offers more additional days of fun, tons of hilarious moments, smart problem-solving, and the simplest controls. In order to measure up to the best in each segment, don't forget to check for the common goal before hitting anything else.

Regardless of the type, the common point will be to clear all the cards from the table or the board. Your destination for moving will be the corresponding pile, but make sure to follow the strict rules of each particular mode. If you don't follow the rules, you might not win a new level using the old way. Depending on the cards' suits or numbers, make sure to utilize each piece or variant wisely.

Through a limited number of moves, will you be able to clear them all? Let's start acing these 15 different modes of games for kids with the most minimalistic graphics, modern visuals, and the elaborated hint system to assist you during the tough levels! Control the cards wisely and you will easily win them before moving to the next games such as Hexaquatic Kraken from

Instruction to play:

Use the left button to choose the cards and drag them to move them accordingly.