Pair Up

Pair Up is the latest gaming option if you are looking for the latest generation of matching and connecting games. Here at Gogy land, we invite our lovely players to tackle this amazing game of matching where top-notch gameplay with modern themes awaits you guys! Finding the pairs of similar-themed objects among this stack of various items! The time is limited, yet the list of object types will be very long.

You will have to dig for the right objects among the crowded pile of items from school, kitchen, gym, living room, bedroom, kids room, hobby room, and farmers markets, each with a separate set of background and server. The goal for all stages regardless of background is to make sure that you can match the most pairs of items. Feel free to utilize any creative method to match fast and efficiently.

You can go through the in-game tutorial to learn how to drag and drop the object from one position and move toward the next. A pair of two similar-themed objects will be the key points for you to capture scores from the huge board. Different items come in different counts, so make sure to search the table for the closest pairs! Demonstrate a bit of your precise eyesight and quick eye-hand coordination when being under pressure of time.

Don't worry about mistaking the pairs because your scores will not be affected. Let's see how many pairs you can successfully grab within the limited time per stage here at! Similarly, dive into the other matching arcade games like Christmas Coloring By Numbers for a relaxing game time with more matching possibilities, high-quality graphics, and the best techniques!

Instruction to play:

Click on the items to select them, drag the mouse, and release to drop to another position.