Air Combat 2D

A fascinating, thrilling, and adrenaline-filled game of Air Combat 2D will bring you the best dynamic game of shooting on-air, with the highest quality graphic designs! You will be controlling your aircraft to dash on the endless field or battle. There will be tanks that can shoot bullets of all kinds, flying teams of enemies' aircraft, bombing stations, and tons of others that you need to defeat.

Amidst the shooting chaos, it's crucial to take note of the estimated time you need to shoot at a certain target so that you can use that to your advantage later. A flying aircraft will be easier to knock down than a huge tank. Do your best to fly back and forth not only to dodge the bullets flying randomly but also to capture the stars.

Your plane will automatically release the bullets, so all you need to do is choose your direction for movement. For each successfully defeated enemy, you get tons of stars floating around at that location, so be quick and grab them!

There will be boosters and new power-ups for your gun as well, don't miss them out. Changing your game with a better protection force, higher-quality guns and boosts up your dynamic momentum as well! Are you ready to embark on daring atmospheric war to test how good you are as a commander of nerve-shredding tactical dogfights?

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Instruction to play:

Controlling keys for Air Combat 2DtheUse the mouse, drag to move the aircraft.