Steampunk tests your ability to deal with an unbalanced platform and how you will deal with a tough puzzle. Learn how to get to the winning stage of each level by trying to drop the main box on the flat platform. As it's a Gogy puzzle game, you will carry out many different levels with a similar objective of guaranteeing a safe landing for the hero. Also, you need to throw out the villains by destroying the wooden box, explosives, bombs, and more!

First, you can put the heroes on the saving clock by removing the woodblock. All woodblocks that you find in this game shall be breakable, therefore, just pick the one that you want to remove and it shall be broken. However, the metal boxes can't be moved or removed, this means that you have to choose to work your way through them.

Hit the ground as fast as you can and use the least number of moves so that your scores can be higher in this challenge! For newbies, you can follow the step-by-step guideline on the screen to know what to do to secure the winning medal of a level. There will be many types of medals, giving depending on the number of moves that you used.

It's a dynamic and dark-themed game of puzzle with a cool graphic design, so hit it now and discover how to keep the character away from the steampunk! Other games like Mortal Brothers Survival will keep you on your toes with fast-paced movement and an exciting storyline! Feel free to explore the vast gaming world with different genres from action, girl games, to arcade games and puzzles from our category at

Instruction to play:

Click on the box to remove it.