One Pipe

For the fans who are looking for a simple and easy game but includes more interactive features, this game One Pipe from Gogy 2020 might be the one that can be suitable to your need. This game is one of the most satisfying gameplay that you can find while scrolling through the list of games in Don't forget that the main goal is to clearly remove all the objects that are attached to the tower.

The only tool you can use is the given yellow ring. Move the ring through the pipe, separate the grains from the core from one point to the other. However, the main game will not be that easy. Keep an eye out for the obstacles that show up midway to prevent your ring from going further.

For the place that the circles are too small to move through the obstacles, use your skills, and come up with a good way to slip it through. The moment it touches or comes into contact with the obstacles, the game is over. The better feature will allow the players to release the ring and transform it into a wider shape to easily slip through the huge obstacles.

Thanks to the 3D realistic graphics, the satisfaction feels more real than ever! Take a peek and join other interactive games such as Getting Over ItJumper Rabbit that are just equally fun. 

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left mouse to separate the grains and release it to loosen the rings.