Chaotic Spin

Moving the ball in Chaotic Spin - the new Gogy puzzle game is no easy feat, but you will get the hang of it sooner or later! Use your ability to flexibly roll the white ball and control the pace, movement, direction for it to reach the destination in time. This game comes with a track that will change depending on the level of difficulty.

The players' goal remains to keep the white ball from the flying obstacles, hidden objects while gathering the white dots. It's quite an arcade feature for a puzzle game, so it brings a new combination for game lovers. The ball can roll forward and backward with your designated choice of direction and force. Keep hitting the white dots and avoid any pop-up items that might stop your ball midway.

One single contact with the other obstacles will make the game stop and you have to restart. If you manage to collect the most white dots among the players and even set a new record for yourself, your name will surely be on the Leaderboard of! On higher and harder stages, be careful of rotating and moving obstacles which will pose more threats to your ball and make the game much harder to maneuver.

For newbies, we recommend you test out the bounciness of the ball to get good control of its motion before hitting the real challenge. Overall, with a simple and minimalist style of design, this game guarantees fun moments, enjoyable time with your friend without having to leave the house at all! Would you be able to crack a new record line and showcase a new personal gaming style with more ball games such as Baby Beauty Salon?

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click and use the mouse or tap on the mobile screen to control the ball.