Grass Cutting Puzzle

Your job as the main gardener in this Gogy 2023 puzzle game: Grass Cutting Puzzle - will be to manage your dream garden and make it alive by removing the ugly grass tiles! Let's carry out this task with a fully functional grass cutter which we provide to all players participating in this game. You will carry out the task of wiping out all the tiles as shown on the screen with the grass by moving your cutter to the left, right, upward, and downward as needed. The most important task will be to remove the grass fully. After it's done, you can work on the next job of growing beautiful decorative flowers and trees in your virtual garden.

The work of grass-cutting here will bring a realistic experience thanks to the vibration, background sound, and cool graphic design to make your game time better. The controlling key is easy so that kids of all ages can enjoy the satisfaction of this game. Just simply move your finger or drag your pointer regardless of the device to cut the grass. Click on the tiles if you want to add a few flower seeds to grow something beautiful and alive!

However, the toughest part is to control your grass cutter machine to avoid missing out on any corner. Make sure to chop off the grass from the beginning line to the end and leave a perfectly cut line of grass. A clean and beautiful lawn will be your legacy in this game, so learn how to maneuver your speedy lawn mover and rid the yard of grass with great speed! Enjoy more games with mowing activities or gardening themes such as Katkoot and Boxes Wizard to get some relaxing moments with nature after your working days on our website at

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse or touchpad to cut the grass.