Space Invaders Remake

The old school gaming genre is back and is all the rage these days on Gogy land. Will you take part in this new yet classic version of shooting games but with new rules and tons of differences? Come to Space Invaders Remake and get on your spaceship to win! It's one of the oldest and most famous old school space invaders games that kids of all ages have tried. This time, conquer the new space on a bigger scale by playing either on your mobile or PC.

The updates on two different interfaces allow the players to play it anytime, anywhere with just the online connection. Your job is to control the spaceship while going against the invaders who are trying to get inside. If you fail to guard the gate or let anyone in, the level will be considered a failure. Keep progressing through levels and you can change your ship or gear up with the coolest equipment from

It will not be easy since the invaders come in countless waves instead of one by one, therefore, you have to move from left to right flexibly. Do so and you will be able to dodge the bullets from them as well as find an open space for shooting. The more precise your shots are the higher your chance of gaining high scores. Keep an eye out for the boss who will fly on the biggest ship. He will not stay in one place like the other minions, so stay close and take your aim when it's the perfect timing.

It's a battle of strategy, endurance and agile reflex that we guarantee will be quite an entertaining experience for you. Enjoy playing this game and come back for more. How about some more space games like Shoot To Military Vehicles or Dragon Vs Mage that is also very fun to play? 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to shoot and move.