Metazoa Jigsaw

Challenge your puzzling skills with our Gogy 2022 free game: Metazoa Jigsaw! Dive into the world filled with plenty of different images that are available for puzzling, ranging from the animals, the objects, and random daily life items, to the other complicated frames. You will be able to join the new generation of puzzle games where a different flavor of classical jigsaw game is available for kids of all ages.

The main goal remains unchanged, which is to arrange the pieces. In order to recreate the original form of the picture, you will have to memorize the placement of the pieces quickly before they are scrambled up. Depending on your experience and skills, you can choose a suitable number of pieces for your exploration. From the mode of 16 pieces to the harder mode of 36 pieces, each will consist of 24 levels.

Select each puzzle piece accordingly and move them toward the suitable placement on the frame board. There will be a guideline shown on the board so that you can see the outer shape of the puzzle pieces and where to put them. Only when the pieces fill the whole board and there's no line being wrong will you be able to complete the level. The higher the levels, the harder it is to finish the board in a short time frame.

Do your best to limit the wasted time to keep the lowest record of time possible as it rewards you with more scores. Do your best to take over this puzzle game and conquer all available levels! We provide the best gaming options with the main theme of puzzling here at such as Zentangle Coloring Book or Cookie Clicker Climate Change, so feel free to share them with your friends! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move the puzzle pieces.