Mouse Connection

Mouse Connection free game from Gogy online will test your observation skill in the most intense puzzles. Since our game requires your great powers of observation, you will conquer it easily if you love to search every nook and cranny for a specific item. The mouse is looking for the food chain. However, since the food is left in a messy order, we need you to connect the items and put them back to the correct indicated order. Match the exact items on the left bar of the game to win each level. The hard part of this game is that you can only connect horizontally or vertically.

First, take a look at the example of the top left bar. Then, find the necessary pieces which are placed near each other. Keep in mind that you need to click and hold down the first food, then choose the next one to collect them. The matching line will disappear so that you can keep looking for the next one. You will get to enjoy the puzzles filled with many cute little pieces of cheese, carrot, hamburger and many more! On the very first levels, it will be easier to spot the chain since you are only required to collect a chain of two or three.

However, as you progress further in this game at, the chain gets longer and harder to find. Demonstrate your amazing skills with more games such as Rolling Cat and Tiny Arms Revenger

Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse to choose the food.