LA Rex

LA Rex is one of the scariest creatures due to their powerful bites and huge shape. In this Gogy game 2020, you will have fun by guiding the movements of this creature as it is trying to dominate the city. In order to claim the power, you need to help the dino to capture, crash, and eat up all the citizens, cars, buildings, trees, infrastructure, and so on. It's an endless game taking place on a horizontal platform, so the dino will move automatically.

All you have to do is to control the head to make a perfect bite, move the body sideways or to the left, the right to aim at the targets more precisely. For each target that the T-rex consumes, you will gain a specific number of scores depending on the size and the difficulty levels of that item. For example, crash a car and you will gain 320 points, but a bigger building will bring more reward to you.

Don't think of anything and feel free to unleash your anger into the destruction game from We guarantee that all of your anger will melt away after enjoying this satisfying gameplay with 2D and high-end graphics. The main dinosaur looks realistic as well to increase the experience of the new players. Would you like to take a look at more adventure games such as Shark Hunter 2 and Alien Slide

Instruction to play:

Use the left, right and up arrows to control the T-rex.