Flappy Cat

Flappy Cat is the next protagonist of the intense adventure from Gogy online games! This time, the main character changes to a kitten that has been eager to fly. The best way to practice his flying is to overcome the small gaps among the poles. How would he do that? He needs to fly carefully and estimates so that he fits into the gap and fly through.

Hard as it sounds, with your help and your ability, anything is possible! The obstacles are dangerous as it has some spikes and poles that will pop the bubble. When that happens, the cat will fall down immediately. Avoid the dangerous things at all cost and let's see how far you can fly? Your scores are calculated based on the number of poles that you manage to overcome. Also, the second that you take will also be recorded. Many attempts are available in case that you haven't been familiar with the movement and the gameplay.

A tip for the new players is that you can fly a little bit above the bottom end then slide down. It doesn't matter how you control the bubble. Just try your best to conquer the mission of passing the poles. At http://gogy.games/, you can gather some friends and enjoy this cute journey with the sweetest character ever! Other cute games we recommend that you try are Rabbit Samurai and Fussy Furries.

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to make the cat fly and control its movement.