Rainbow Rocket Ninja

More sessions of games with entertaining action features are waiting for you here at Rainbow Rocket Ninja - the popular game that captures the kids' attention lately here at Gogy fun game! Not only is this a new game in that you can control the trajectory of the blue ninja by drawing but you can also fight to survive on the trip. It's very important that you help him eliminate all the enemies that appear on the route, one by one.

Are you ready for these intense fights in virtual battles? Fight with different types of weapons that you gain to clear out the stage. Since there are two main weapons, the knife and the gun, make sure to adapt to each one by adjusting the fighting technique. Depending on the type that you pick, it will come with a different advantage for a single battle. If you are attacking in a close-range fight, a knife will be more helpful as it provides a closer damage range.

However, a gun brings tons of advantages for shooting from a further point because you will get to hit the opponent easier and safer. Work like a sniper master and don't let any bullet go to waste. Switch flexibly between the two for the best control and usage.

How long does it take for you to become the top master of all ninja skills? We recommend the players incorporate different skills to advance with both key weapons in this fun game from https://gogy.games/! How about some more gaming choices like Super Droid Adventure from our daily replenished list? Fun moments are a must if you are spicing up your basic gaming time, so don't miss out on these free games! 

Instruction to play:

Draw the lines using the mouse or touchpad.