Pizza Challenge

If you usually have to grab the pizza slices before they run out, your skills will be perfect for Pizza Challenge! It is a cool two-player game from Gogy land that you can have fun with your friend thanks to its relaxing and destressing gameplay. It's the game for all pizza lovers! There is only one pizza on the table. Therefore, you must move your character's hand carefully but quickly to grab the pizza slice.


Make sure to grab as many slices as possible and defeat your friends. The winner shall be the one who grabs five slices of pizza first! The pizza will keep rolling in a circular motion to make sure that both of the players have the chance to grab. If you are alone, you can practice against an AI opponent too. It will be challenging to grab the last slice. Can you do it and become the Pizza Challenge champion? Enjoy this fun 2 player game to show off your flexible hands for free at


One of the features which make the game much more interesting is the different pizza variants. The flavor of the pizzas will change each turn, so you can grab more pizza of more flavors to add to the collection. It's all about the estimation ability and a good observation skill to choose the perfect timing. The one who can aim precisely will be the winner, not the one who gets hasty. Challenge yourself and enjoy plenty of other games like Bubble Blobs and Fussy Furries

Instruction to play:

Player 1 use W to grab
Player 2 use up arrow keys to grab
Use the mouse cursor for 1 player mode.