Sofia Care Her Pet Hamster

Oh no! Mumu, Sofia's pet hamster has gotten very sick recently. She is very nervous since she doesn't know anything about curing a pet. Sofia loves Mumu a lot and she wants him to get well soon so that she can have fun and play with him every day. With your knowledge and attention for patients, will you tackle this challenge from Gogy 2019 and take care of Mumu? The only thing that can make Sofia happy now is Mumu getting better.

We count on you at! Now, before concluding about his condition, we need to make an assessment on him first. Use the give equipment and tools to check the body of Mumu thoroughly and find out what's wrong with him. Is it his chest pain? Or is it a fever?

Whichever it is, after finding that out, you will start curing him using the potion, medicine, and even surgery if necessary. If it's just a wound, hold the blood flow and start dabbing the cotton ball to make it clean. Then, stitch the whole thing back like how it was originally. The game requires the girls to show off their attention to details while figuring out what's wrong with Mumu and their flexible movement while doing treatments or performing surgeries.

With this kind of experience, you can learn a lot about the whole process of taking care of a home pet. Other fun games for girls like Helen Chic House Party and Easter Eggs Coloring can also teach the kids a lot of helpful skills, so don't hesitate to check them out as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and play the game.