Miner Mania

Hit a block to start digging and gather all the gold that you can! If you are greedy passionate about the gold rush, this is your chance to get rich fast. Miner Mania wants to collect as many diamonds and coins as possible in the game. In order to achieve this goal, he needs to work hard. You will have to use your strategy to choose the nearest block and dig deeper down. Mania digs in accordance with your control.

However, keep in mind that Mania's strength is limited, therefore, you should take advantage of the available tools underground. Some scattered items that can be useful are bombs, explosives, and an ax. If you found these items, hit the blocks and you can progress further. The hard part of this game from Gogy games is that the screen will keep moving downward, which means that you should also match the speed. If you fail to dig down along with the screen, the game is over.

Also, on each level, there is a certain goal of depth that you need to reach. Make sure that you don't hit the rocks because the rocks prevent you from going down further. Will you be able to collect some valuable things that are hidden here at http://gogy.games/? Don't worry if you fail some levels. Keep playing for the game is free for players of all ages! If you enjoy this kind of games, how about playing some others such as Bouncy Run and Police And Thief.

Instruction to play:

Click on the blocks with the left mouse to dig.