Catch That Cat

Celebrate the holiday of Halloween with this new Gogy 4 kid game of Catch That Cat from our latest puzzle gaming list. The final goal is to successfully capture all the cats as shown on the gaming screen, however, be prepared for fast-paced moving cats with the fastest dash. Your job in this puzzle game is to solve the problem of which cat is shown on the table on the left. Among the ones shown on the table, which is the cat that appeared earlier on the table?

In order to secure the highest scores before the time runs out, conquer all the missions in time. There will be a door opening and closing constantly in the game. Your main job is to observe and make sure to see the image of the cats when the door opens. Once you have seen them, find the same cat in the table as shown.

It takes great reflexes to see and memorize the cat precisely, as well as to choose the cats from the blocks. If you own a great reflex with fast reaction techniques, you will easily master this game from for sure! Keep in mind that the cat's layout and positions change after every turn that you select. This means that you have to continuously memorize the position of newly shown cats.

Can you share the latest tips with the other players on this server? Enjoy a fun and thrilling game time with more online gaming options that are famous among our players such as Side Defense or Underwater World, all of which are for free. Let's see if your ranking can defeat your friends! Don't mistake the different Halloween cats and make sure to distinguish them well! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to choose the images.