Mini Monkey Mart

Mini Monkey Mart brings the latest game of idle business theme to the kids here at Gogy land. Not only will this be a chance for you to learn how a mart for special customers works but you can also improve and enhance your management skills! This mart is exclusively made for the monkeys and all the grocery stores are catering to their needs. From fresh bananas to banana puree, canned food, flour, milk, and other fruits, you will be selling all of them in your mini market right now.

In order to get the required materials and resources for selling, could you complete the tasks? It's a fun game with diverse themes for mini-missions and you can explore more than just a simple selling task. From collecting the ripe bananas to arranging them properly on the counter, do them all before your customers arrive! Some other main tasks will include collecting the eggs of the chickens, placing them in the right baskets, selling food, and expanding the business by obtaining more buildings! It's a fun game of both shopping and selling which you can enjoy anytime you are free, on all devices as we don't have any restrictions.

Could you constantly improve your product list and enhance the stalls? The top-down point of view will make you feel easier to control the characters and get a better overview of the place. Feel free to choose the items that you want to sell for each day. More games with the similar business models and interactive gameplay such as Jelly Battle or Wood Block Tap Away might suit your taste, so check them out later when you can spare some time! Feel free to explore some other genres such as action, sports, girl games, and plenty here at

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move the monkey and interact with the items.