Winter Connect

Any puzzle game from the collection of Gogy 2023 online will be a good option for a fun playtime thanks to the elaborated gameplay, however, this new game of Winter Connect will bring a brand new version of the tile-connecting game! The players get to participate in the task of connecting the tiles with similar themes on them. Each piece of tile has its identical match to create a pair on the board.

Only when you spot both of them will you be able to connect these two identical tiles. One crucial rule that decides your connecting chances is the connecting line. You can match the blocks with lines consisting of only two turns or less. A line with three or more breaks will not be adequate. This rule makes it harder to freely connect as you need to consider the placement of the tile.
The one that is overlapped by many other blocks can't be removed first, so it's important that you pick out the pairs which are on the top layer before moving on to the next. Fight against the clock with your skills to keep up with the limited time range. You need to gather as many pairs with connecting lines as possible so that the whole board is cleared out before the given time runs out.

Share this game with great animation and an elaborated theme for a fun time with other online friends or your family. Don't miss out on the thrill of matching against the clock! We are waiting for the next top-record player to break the top limit of our Leaderboard as soon as possible! Let's gain more skills with plenty of puzzle-solving matches here at with a variety of gaming options such as Fill The Battery!

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to select and match the pairs.