Amazing Word Twist

Amazing Word Twist will challenge your ability to come up with words quickly and accurately, as well as the ability to generate the most words out of several letters. The game is easy to play, but hard to master as you can enjoy the tutorial first to learn the basic rules of it. There will be a few given letters to each player shown on the bottom panel of the page. Use those given letters and form the words that you can to collect scores.

Just tap on the letters that you need to use in the right order and they will be automatically placed on the main screen. Also, you can tap again to remove the wrong letters. This is a famous and enjoyable board game not only for kids of all ages but also for family members. Moreover, unlike some other games that only come in one language, in this game at, you can choose to play in several different languages such as English, Polish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and many more!

The game will be a great tool to extend your vocabulary and improve your language skills. Are you ready to dive into this entertaining gameplay with six unique and beautiful themes and animations? This game also has a friendly-hint system that will help guide you through the tough part of the game when you get stuck. The online ranking system and in-game statistics will give insights into the player's tendency while playing so that they can improve their performance better.

There are only six letters given per turn, therefore, you should be creative and use every ounce of your brain to come up with the possible words! Don't miss out on some other puzzles that might suit your taste such as Line Road

Instruction to play:

Click to choose and unchoose the letters.