Popcorn Box

The bucket is waiting for you to fill up with the delicious golden popcorn to the brim! The game called Popcorn Box is a new addition to the collection of interactive games that you can enjoy wholeheartedly and freely in the Gogy game for kids! The rule is so simple but thanks to the cute graphics, smooth drawing lines, and almost no interruption, the game are famous among the kids of all ages. Your job is to simply hold the bucket to make popcorn flow out of it and fill up the required area. The area can be seen by the white dash line that will change depending on the level and the difficulties.

Don't worry if there are too many popcorns. The only thing that matters is the white line is reached. You can check to see whether it has been filled by looking and checking how many dashes have turned to the green color. The one thing that will make you lose the match is when you overflow the bucket and make the popcorn fall down the ground. Avoid that circumstance at all costs to keep progressing further and reach the highest levels possible!

A tip for the new players is to take advantage of the surrounding blocks, bars, and platforms and use them as the wall to push the popcorn higher in the bucket. For some difficult levels, it might take more than just pushing the popcorn up. You will have to come up with a perfect strategy to maintain both goals at the same time.

Let's test your observation, time-controlling skills, and estimation techniques with this free game! From http://gogy.games/, there are tons of daily added games that kids of all ages have fallen in love with. 

Instruction to play:

Click and hold to fill up the bucket.