Fishy Trick

A little fish will have a hard time surviving this part of the sea if it doesn't have you as the guide! Come to the game of Fishy Trick and make sure that you can help this little fish to find the best position to be when it hits the open sea. This game is all about choosing the best timing and estimating the number of jumps required. 

The game emphasizes the task of choosing the timing to help the fish jump up and down in the right flow. You will find that the gameplay of this Gogy 2021 free game resembles the rules in another famous game of Flappy Bird. The setting is different here. Instead of bypassing the high poles that show up one by one, you will have to go up against all the fishes, big and small, at the same time.

Because there are different currents in the sea, these fishes will come at you at any time depending on the currents that they are on. The final goal is to grow the fish by capturing the food and bites. Don't forget to keep it away from the huge octopus, dangerous sharks, and other bigger creatures under the sea. Would you be able to rescue as many friends as possible?

Conquer the other water bodies and the vast oceans in the quest for saving your allied fish as well! Just keep swimming and control the movement of the fish carefully so as not to make any mistake in this game at! When your team of allied fish gets bigger, it will be quite a challenge to pop up and down at the same time! Enrich your gaming experience with more games like Polar Fall.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click the mouse on the screen or tap on the mobile/ tablet screen to make the fish jump.