Line Road

It's not all about moving one step at a time, but Line Road focuses on making the best first movement! This Gogy new game will be quite a challenge to enjoy during your free time if you love puzzles, quizzes, and problem-solving games. The goal of each level resembles each other, which is to hit the ball against the edges of the wall so that it can reach the final green checkpoint. There will be more and more edges, different narrow lines, and small paths as you progress to higher levels in this game.

To release the ball, just simply drag it and release it once the lines are suitable. Once released, the ball will automatically bounce off the walls and move on its own. If the ball can make it through this white labyrinth and reach the green gate at the end, the game is clear. However, during looping, you will not be in control and can't navigate the ball anymore. You should choose the best direction and power at the very first move because that's the only step that you can fully control.

Also, another rule that you should bear in mind is that there are a limited number of collisions allowed. For example, if your ball hits the edges more than 5 or 6 times while the limit for that stage is 4, the game will be over. This game from allows you to replay for as many times as you need to master the art of delivering the balls most accurately.

Direction and speed will be two crucial elements contributing to your success! Think carefully and take advantage of your techniques with interactive games to explore and conquer other similar-genre games like Sushi Feast

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left button to release the ball.