Ludo Superstar Game

Ludo Superstar Game with the classic board game rules has become all the rage during the quarantine period. As you can share the game online with up to four players, there is no need to go outside to play. Enjoy the fun of throwing the dice and tracking your character with this addictive Gogy kid game! To make the first move or to dispatch any new character out on the field, you have to roll the dice of 6 dots.

Once all four of your pieces are out and reach the end of the destination board, you will be the winner. Of course, you have to be the first to conquer them. It's a game combined between luck and strategy as the players will still have to calculate the steps and the color theme to win quickly. Freely choose to play a match of two, three or four players. Each of the game modes has its own special twists that make it suitable for a group.

If you have lots of time at home, check out all sections in to discover some more puzzles and board games such as Gluttonous Snake and Mahjong Sweet Easter. It's a game designed for relaxing and taking the time off, therefore, enjoy it slowly and in a medium-paced rate for the best experience possible. Keep throwing the dice and luck will be on your side! 

Instruction to play:

Roll the dice by clicking on the Roll button, move the pieces using the left mouse.