Xmas Magic Tiles

It's time to enjoy some of the best melodies for Christmas in Xmas Magic Tiles from Gogy free games! This is the perfect game for the music lovers and players who love to move the finger to the sound of the music. In this music arcade game, not only will you be able to have fun but you can also improve your skills with the piano tiles. Learn how to hit the right notes at the perfect timing and emerge in the Christmas spirit now!

The game only ends when you miss a tile. When it ends, your score will be kept as a record so that it can be put on the Leaderboard later. You need to click on the black square to play each note and make a combination of sweet songs. However, keep in mind that you should only hit the black notes. Also, remember not to miss any block, otherwise the game will be over immediately.

There will be a little box on the top of the game screen to keep track of your score. Your reflex and great observation are the necessary skills to succeed in this game at http://gogy.games/. You can even gather some friends and compete with them to see who can score the most. Are you ready to move your little fingers along to the soothing and fun melodies now? More Christmas games like Knight Age Christmas and Freecell Christmas are also great choices for the holiday season, how about giving them a try? 

Instruction to play:

Click on the black tiles using your mouse or tap on them.