Idle Startup Tycoon

You will be doing all your tasks in this startup empire that you are intending to build, therefore, be focused and start learning the required skills for your best record! There is a chance that you will be one of the high-tech billionaires winning in this Gogy simulation game, but you should learn how to build your unique techniques for the highest efficiency.

You can be the owner of not one but multiple startups that relate to food delivery and food creation for the customer. You will do all the basic functions in this start-up idea that works in an adorable space with high floors as well as different levels specializing for each function. Once you have created the food, it's time to move the package to the cloud servers and move to the sales for cash earning. You will do the work of managing the chain of work that can create food efficiently and upgrade the productivity of the items after every big batch!

Moreover, if you can use the money to upgrade the chain and the system using the money to hire the managers to automate more parts of the chain. Earn coins automatically from your systems with the built ventures and work items. In the later process of the game, you need to attract more investors to invest in the start-ups so that you can increase the profit of the system with more capital.

Strategic stationing and distributing are the most important elements in this game to win the highest records at! Keep clicking to earn profits because one single stop moment will cause you a lot of money. The best players in this game will be the best at managing multiple tasks at the same time! Get more experience with other games like Rebel Gamio or City War 3D!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click on the screen using the mouse to interact and control the movement.