Rope Dude

Take advantage of all the obstacles, dangerous objects, attack skills, and all available tools here at Gogy 2022 new game: Rope Dude to win! The final goal of all levels available in this game is to crack the mission of destroying the doll that is hanging on the thread. You can utilize your skill to cut the rope that keeps it hanging so that it falls onto another dangerous object and gets destroyed.

Or you can shoot objects and use any given object to throw at them. Not only is it a game of interactive gameplay with an intuitive interface but you can also have fun torturing this little mannequin dude! There's no limitation on how you can win this game. Choose the most suitable method for yourself and don't forget that you can purchase new tools here at using the gained scores.

Some prominent and useful tools that you will easily achieve later in the game are the lasers, spiky discs, arrows, spinning discs, and plenty of others. Keep your eyes on the rope that he's on in order to precisely cut it. The final scores for each player in this game will be based on the time that you took in order to conquer each stage and how proficient you are at using the tools.

Overall, this game will be a good option for enjoying your playing time thanks to the soothing gameplay and the theme that brings relaxation with chopping the rope. Can you aim well and destroy the mannequin in a short period of time? Don't let yourself be distracted by anything and quickly complete the most levels in this game now! Other equally famous and fun games such as Ball Sort Halloween will capture your attention too, so try them out! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to cut the rope.