Boxes Wizard

Get your hands on this 2D gaming where pixelated art showcases the best of its gorgeous setting and cool experience! Boxes Wizard is a new game for kids here at Gogy 2023 platform game, in the main role is one of the most powerful wizards wielding the magical wooden staff to get by. Plenty of obstacles and blockages will be available on your path to the final destination of this journey, however, as long as you can use your power to teleport and push the items, you will be fine. The wizard can teleport and push boxes out of the way. Navigate through the platform which varies depending on the stage that you are on.

Don't forget about the increase in difficulty level of these 40 challenging puzzles and quizzes. You can choose to push the boxes to cover the spiky area or swap their places with other boxes to create new paths that are safe to walk on. There are plenty of ways to solve these puzzles, but it all depends on how you brainstorm and craft your path. Thanks to the retro-inspired graphic design and intuitive interface, kids and adults can easily enjoy the game in one go. You will understand the mechanism and basic moves of the game after having moved one or two steps only.

Keep an eye on the Boxes Wizard as this item is one of the valuable boosters that will not only offer you a way out of a challenging and immersive adventure but also some additional scores. More and more obstacles or monsters will randomly pop up as you progress throughout the game, therefore, stay alert at all times and make sure that you utilize the wizard's magic to the best extent. Emerge with victory as the highest-scored player on the ranking board in more games like School Puzzle BookKatkoot from our list at!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the arrows to move and jump.