Handstand Run

Handstand Run will be a refreshing choice for the fans who would love to go for a 3D game with unique gameplay and a specialized theme. You will play the role of a runner in this competition amidst the top players who can move with their hands! The special thing about this Gogy 2022 sport game is that the runners in this game will adopt the main movement of walking on their hands.

The rule is that all competitors start the game with their hands on the ground and move as they try to keep their balance. Don't fall because it will cost you some scores. For newbies, keep in mind that the core theme of this game is to control the tilt of the body successfully regardless of the obstacles as well as your ranking of yours on the Leaderboard.

The pressure for time and the idea of having to reach the destination first will be quite a problem in this fun game, but we would love to see your unique strategy and style of moving! If you are ready to showcase your mastery of balance, feel free to tap on the icon on our website of https://gogy.games/ to freely enjoy this sports game! It might take a few failures at the beginning of the race to get used to the controlling keys and the mechanism of the game.

However, we guarantee that this shall be a blast once you understand how to move wisely. Online games such as Ski King 2022 or Ski Rush 3D also have similar themes and genres, so feel free to take your pick when you are interested in a new option! Don't tilt over too fast or else you risk falling at the beginning of the race.

Instruction to play:

Move the mouse cursor and drag it horizontally to change the character tilt angle.