First Colony

First Colony will be a strange but highly-expanded game of idle building, but this time, your management will expand to Mars! As you have been appointed the Chief of the first Mars colony, work your magic and turn this crusty land into a great civilization. Are you ready to lead the first human colony on Mars with the best decision-making? Monitor all the available resources, items, weather, and condition, and build your world from scratch! The goal of this Gogy online game 4 Kids is to build a self-sustained colony and not depend on the supply of resources from Earth.

Feel free to dash through the in-game tutorial to get to know the basic controls of the board. On the top panel will be the monitoring setup for the receipt, expenditure, and storage of your basic resources. These statistics are real-time, therefore, the owner can keep track of them anytime! Don't forget to check and re-evaluate the amount from time to time to grasp your resources. Keep an eye out for the area outside where it's marked for your easy placement of the solar system. In this game at, each object available for construction will require a certain number of building blocks.

It's crucial for you to learn the importance of each resource type and what it consumes. Keep track of the colonists who show up after you succeed in building and assembling the new facility. Keep in mind that on Mars, the time is slightly different so you need to keep track of it as well. Use the top-left panel to follow the main game timer. Similarly, we bring tons of famous games like Paint Island or Brain IQ Test Minecraft Quiz for you to try out more exploration adventures without a cost!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use the mouse to choose items, navigate, and interact.