Magic Cube

If you love solving the difficult Rubik in real life, Magic cube is a good virtual gaming selection thanks to the resemblance to it. You will get to experience the same gameplay but with a specialized 3D game art animation from Gogy online. The players can rotate and slide the blocks in any possible directions in order to solve the final cube. Moreover, it comes with a 3D point of view to make it easier to solve the puzzle.

You will encounter the task of solving a 3x3x3 Rubik in the shortest time range possible. Since it is just a puzzle game at the beginner's stage, you can relax if you have familiar with this type of puzzles. As the blocks are mixed, observe and come up with the best way to bring the right colored blocks to their places.

All the blocks in one side must have the same color, or else you will have to start again. It's okay to experiment with new moves to find out the best approach. All in all, it's a fun game that requires a little bit of your thinking and brainstorming technique.

The clock will keep track of your time, therefore, finish the game as fast as possible to be on the Leaderboard at gogy play now . There are tons of new games with amazing graphics from this category such as Sudoku and Fit in the Wal Don't miss out any good game!

Instruction to play:

 Tap on the mobile screen or use the mouse to control the blocks.