Barbarian Vs Mummy Game

Let's test your ability to deal with a highly complicated 2D side-scrolling game of Barbarian Vs Mummy, in which the players go head to head with a long and energy-consuming journey. If you love a good platform for discovering more boxes, new items, boosters, and tons of coins floating around, this game from gogy games online will definitely hit the spot.

The game follows that side-scroller theme, which means that once the character moves to the right side of the screen, you can't go back. This means that you should go ahead and select your action wisely. Thanks to the super fun gameplay and cool animation, this game is famous among the best players who love a good adventure with the characters like Super Mario and Sonic.

Go ahead and take control over 06 levels to get to understand the order of the obstacles on your path and the layout of each level. There will be mummies showing up randomly from time to time and they will try to attack you if you come into their range. Two ways to solve this are either to steer clear of them or to fight them with your swords. The first method will cost you some coins as the mummies are guarding a bunch of valuable coins.

The latter is riskier but brings a chance of gathering more coins, so pick the one that you prefer and bear the challenge. Will you be the best at moving through the platform and gain the most coins for your barbarian? Come to demonstrate your talents with this type of game with more options like Princess Kawaii Swimwear  and Bon Voyage from the list at gogy games for kids!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use A and D to move left and right, space to attack using the sword, W to jump. Or you can control using the keys on the screen.