Math Game For Adults

If ordinary games with the theme of puzzle have become borng to you, why don't you take a look at this new combination of crosswords and math with the theme of classic puzzles: Math Game For Adults? This new Gogy online game 2022 will bring a new challenge with the theme of equation solving to the players here. In order to claim the top scores of the game, you will need to solve all the equations with the list of additions, multiplications, subtraction, as well as division.

4The goal is to clear off the board by inputing the correct missing piece to make a perfect and correct equation. The mathematic equations here will slowly increase the difficulty levels to make it harder and harder when you progress through the game. The signal for you to know if your equation is correct or not shall be the color of it.

If it changes to green, it's considered as correct. However, in case it turns to green, you will need to rearrange the pieces because it's currently wrong. There will be several difficulty modes for you to choose from, ranging from simple to the novice or insane levels. Pick the most suitable ones for you and move your way up.

There are more than 24 packs with a total of 1200 levels, all of which contain the fun theme of moving the yellow tiles. You need to place the yellow tiles with the equation mark and put them to the right places once the game starts. The sooner you manage to clear off the board, the faster you will gain top scores among the talented players here. Let's check out some other similar games like Tangram Match Masters or Solitaire Seasons, all from the list of free games at for your entertainment. 

Instruction to play:

Click on the equation to arrange it.