Running Santa

Running Santa is the next generation of gaming for fans of winter games with Santa, snow, elves, and other magical creatures! In this Gogy online game, you will assist Santa Claus in his final quest to conquer all levels. If you manage to do so, he will be able to collect tons of gifts and presents for kids of all ages from around the world. Getting through the path of dangers and hopping through the obstacles will be a way to help Santa. 

But the key is to get him to finish checking the list of to-do tasks and to arrive safely at the finish line. Don't forget that once you fail to jump over obstacles or barriers, Santa will get hurt and possibly drop a few packages of gifts. It's also crucial to avoid the rocks and other weird objects on your path to the destination. Here at, kids can either use a flexible tactic or a careful one, depending on their skills and preference.

Moreover, you can hit the longer jumps by hopping on the trampoline, which brings great momentum for reaching further. How long will it take you to walk thru platforms with all the gifts in your hand? In case you fail to jump across the platform, the progress will be restarted and all kids have to restart in such cases.

A total of 21 unique layouts are spread across the level map to make the gameplay more and more challenging throughout the playtime. Keep the high scores increasing and buff your record to hit the top of the Leaderboard! Enhance your experience with other games like Pop It Master for a playful entertaining time online with our categories at!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Move to the left and right, jump up and down on the platform using WASD keys.