Rescue Boss Cut Rope

The only action it takes to rescue the boss from the hanging position in all levels of this Gogy online game 2022: Rescue Boss Cut Rope is a cut. Cut through the dangling rope and estimate to see where your boss shall land. Make sure to let him land on a safe spot or the destination that will lead to the next level. If you cut the wrong rope, the boss might fall on one of the scattered traps or holes on each level.

The goal is not only to release him from the hanging capture but also to keep him safe from these scary traps. Deadly items are here and there along with the platform, so pay attention to make sure that none can reach the boss. As this is such an unconventional yet fun puzzle game to play, kids of all ages have participated in the quest and built up quite a Leaderboard. Will you be able to reach the top spot on the Leaderboard on your first trial?

On higher levels, there will be more than one rope presenting at the same time, therefore, be careful which rope you choose to cut. Enjoy these clear graphics along with the beautiful and productive gaming experience that is filled with over 30 challenging levels for kids of all ages!

There will be an option that allows the players to turn the flow of blood on or off, which makes it easier for newbies to conquer the levels and take control of the progress. Keep your scores on top for as long as possible while exploring more creative ways of winning the level faster! Gather all the stars as rewards on each level to claim all three stars per stage! Here at, we invite you to tackle more games with similar themes and graphics such as Zoo Slings

Instruction to play:

Click to cut the rope.