Fireman Rescue Maze

Participate in the work of fire fighting and save the innocent from all these burning buildings in our new game of Fireman Rescue Maze - the latest online game from Gogy 2022. This online arcade game is available for both boys and girls to dedicate their abilities to the world of maze games with more than just one challenge. Take the main role of one of the firemen from the most important rescue team.

Your role shall include most missions related to fire fighting such as controlling the water hose, aiming at the buildings, and shooting water at the right timing. Not only will you need to avoid these various obstacles but you will also be in charge of putting out the fire on time. The most crucial part of this mission is to rescue all the trapped people out of the building, so stay focused to avoid missing out on any person.

Do your best to conquer all the levels in this game with flying colors! There are props showing up that you can utilize if needed. These are helpful for putting out fires faster and saving trapped citizens more efficiently. Other games like 10x10 Fill The Grid ! will bring diverse themes and genres to your gaming list to create a thrilling game time.

Feel free to dive into our free world of games with action-based options, arcade, girls' games, cooking, and plenty of others for your free pick. Select the water hose that is closest to your position and conquer the fire immediately! Thanks to the 3D graphics, you will feel the realistic setting and heat of the firefighting mission. Gather the courage and save more citizens now at to perform the good deeds for the society!


Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse and drag the control the character.