Penalty Kick Wiz

Penalty Kick Wiz tests your skills when it comes to the work of delivering the top penalties for your record in this football game online. Conquer the different matches as well as the variety of penalties that you are going to have to carry out. It's all about the art of scoring the total of penalties, however, accuracy is also an important element in this type of Gogy online game. First, pick your character among the variety of available ones in the store.

Start putting on your shoes that are suitable for the game and learn how to ace this quest. Test your skill in the tasks of shooting penalties so that your team can win the World Cup with your favorite country. This game allows the players to check out the other opponent's scores and emotions after the goals have been made. Do your best to aim for the goal basket and defeat the goalkeeper with your talent.

Aiming correctly and secure your precise shot with your maneuvering skills, especially when participating in this beautiful 3D game. Higher levels require advanced teams, which can be unlocked using your gained energy bar and skillsets. Utilize your team's capability and performance to the furthest extent and make sure to release on time. Only by pressing to aim and hold until when you want to shoot will you be able to hit the opponent's target.

Keep scoring and making sure that the opponent's net gets exploded with winning scores! It's the perfect game to spread the fun spirit along with your multi-country friends on this free server. Can you ace these two acts of the shoot and save the ball? Conquer more football and sports games such as Goalkeeper Wiz from our list at later! 

Instruction to play:

Click or press anywhere and hold to adjust your aim, and release to shoot.

Wait to see the target and tap on it to save.