Patterns Link

The bricks with a variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes will be the toughest challenge to match in this game of Patterns Link - the new option for the fans of puzzle games at Gogy kid game. Despite the purpose of the game being easy, the course of action required to complete it will be a bit harder. You need to spot the pairs, collect them and remove them off the board as soon as possible.

Of course, the time limitation poses more challenging features for newbies, but you will get used to the pace of the game after a few trials and failures. Keep replaying and learn the required techniques to arrange the bricks properly. As the samples of the bricks are messily arranged and scattered all over the place, use the line to collect the ones on the open end or at the outside rear edge.

If they are in one line that is perpendicular to each other, they are good to collect. Otherwise, just try to spot a path that can open up and free some spaces first before trying to capture them. More strings of blocks equal to higher combos and higher scores, therefore, do your best to succeed in this extremely interesting type of puzzle game.

Work your way inward with the blocks which are aligned to each other in the perfect timing! Get the top scores and check out other players' ranks on the Leaderboard of Gogy games for more tips and tricks later! Gather some friends and see for yourself who is the most talented, smartest, and quick-witted among the bunch! With some addition games like Monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulation or Fried Noodles, your gaming time can become much more engaging and thrilling for a change!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Select, match, or connect using the mouse cursor.